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18 Apr 2021

Hello! :)

| ZanzibarCoins

Hello all! It has been a very, very, depressingly long time, but I swear I am not dead lol. Just incredibly, incredibly swamped with school, work, homework, and planning events such as prom and graduation, and creating the yearbook, and etc. and etc. I know this is going to sound insane, and perhaps a little bit unbelievable, but I promise I am not exaggerating... I haven't had time to sit down at a computer unless its been to work on writing a paper for school in literal MONTHS. It's depressing, especially since, not only have I been longing to get on here for months, but also to have some time to sit down and work on some of my books that are currently in progress. I have missed it on here a lot!
While I cannot promise a blog post continuing my large dollar coin series within this week and be in full confidence that I'll be able to get it done - given how much homework my teachers are so fond of assigning (literally just last weekend I had two papers to write and two tests to take! Then this weekend, I had one huge test, a huge math assignment, and then another paper for forensics. Sigh.), and also how much time I spend at work - I do promise to get it written and posted soon! I also promise that, after graduation, I will be much more active on here, during the eagerly-awaited, homework-free, days of summer. :)
So sorry it has been so long! I miss all y'all!
~ ZC :)



Level 4

Just think about when it is all said and done. Spell it RELIEF!

Long Beard

Level 5

How I know that feeling. Barely have time to post one of my own only enough to read other's.


Level 6

Don't worry about this place.


Level 6

Thanks for updating us! Do what you have to do. Keep up your studies. This site will be around when you come back. ; )


Level 5

Keeo going man, you got this. We will be here upon your long awaited return.


Level 5

You should worry about school more. But really, is prom that big of a deal? I know I am only about to be a freshman in high school, but I don't think high school drama should get in the way of coins nor school. Forensics is a good class, for coin collectors, an understanding in advanced finance would be nice.


Level 7

Listen. School is more important than a hobby. It works like this. You do well in school. College . Then you find the job you want. Meanwhile picking up a few coins. When you get the job the coins will still be here . Now you buy what you want. Your priorities are in order. Glad your back!

The MoKe

Level 6

Good to hear proof of life from you ZZ Coins. Looking forward to getting you back in the old blog rotation. In the meantime, hang in there, you are doing great things for your future life.


Level 5

Thanks for checking in. Always nice to hear about what another numismatist is doing besides looking at coins! Sounds like you have a very active and busy schedule. Keep us up to date !

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