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25 Mar 2020

Elizabeth ll Hong Kong 10 cent coin

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My name is Drake. I am New here and I was wondering why does a 1959 Hong Kong ten cents coin has a poirtrit of Queen Elizibeth the second Thank you.



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First Drake welcome. I collect British conder tokens. Never relized how many i had. I dont have the coin your looking for. Even if i did i couldnt trade or sell it to you. ANA rules. If i comr accros one times do change. Welcome Mike


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Thank you all for answering my question. I am very glad and thanks for the info.


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QEII is the #1 lady on more coins than any other in world history; the Brits controlled so many territories and many still use her portrait on money today, coupled with the insanely higher mintages that occurred with many coins in the 20th century, and now going into the 21st. Since the PHYSICAL Money Museum is closed right now, your best (only) chance to see our newest exhibit - Money of Empire: Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II - is VIRTUALLY, online through this website. Hover over the "Discover" heading on the big gold line going across the top of the screen and click on "Money Museum" to access this. There are some incredibly talented people on our Museum staff, and this exhibit continues to show off their creativity; check it out when you can! -Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator.

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Drake, Queen Elizabeth appeared on the coins of Hong Kong because it was a British Crown Colony until it was returned to the Peoples Republic of China in 1997. There are many current countries that have Queen Elizabeth as their Regent. Canada is a prominent one, right here next to the U.S. Even though they gained independence from Great Britain in 1867, they remain a part of the British Commonwealth and keep the Queen as their non-governing and purely symbolic leader.


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Welcome Drake ! A lot of coins around the world have Queen Elizabeth on them. Someone here will tell us about Hong Kong in 1959 and why the 10 cent coin shows the Queen. I have an idea, but dont want to be inaccurate. Thanks for the post, good post for all of us to discuss and learn from. Thanks

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