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15 Feb 2015

Australian Opal Coins

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How many folks collect the Australian Opal Coins or any other special series from the Perth Mint? I personally enjoy the opal coins very much. They are beautifully crafted and seeing the opal inlays in the coin is rather intriguing.



Level 5

I have heard of these and always wanted one but being a YN I hav a small budget


Level 4

I have four. They are superb! I had them graded but enjoy the lighted box they came in. I have the Pygmy Possum, The Tasmanian Devil, The Masked Owl, and the Rough Scaled Python. Brilliant. The only coins to compare are the Canadian Hologram coins I have from 2014. The Interconnections series. Check them out!


Level 5

Never heard of them. Sorry I cannot help!


Level 4

I saw them in your collection those have nice craftsmens ship.



Level 5

I've never even heard of them!

Steven Roach

Level 4

I've never heard of these coins until now, and I would consider collecting them but I certainly know some people that would "fall in love" with the series. They are definitely one of the many interesting things you can do with coinage!


Level 6

I bet those are beautiful!


Level 4

It seem to be a nice coin. But not into then.

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