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17 Sep 2022

Coin Show

Coin Shows | Speeding Arrow

So I know I have been gone for a very long time, but I am back with some new information! So over this time, I have been to 2 coin shows, one in Gettysburg and the other in Harrisburg. At the first coin show, I went to I was very excited and sold my first coin (1902 O Barber dime ). I bought a 1943 penny, 1853 large cent, 1859 Indian cent, 1909 VDB cent, as well as a 1913 variety 2 buffalo nickel. The next one I went to, I sold the buffalo nickel I got from the previous show for $20. In the picture above, you will see a 1921 Morgan dollar, a 1916 cent, and an off-centered 199 cent ( The date is cut off ). I will tell you many more stories later and good luck coin hunting.


Nice coins

AC coin$

Level 6

Keep them coming !! Great to have coin acquisitions. Thanks and best of luck.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Buying and selling already? You are the next Bowers. (:

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Sounds like you did really well!


Level 7

! Some nice coins you picked up. Keep up the good work!! Life comes before coins don't worry we will be here!!


Level 4

Yup, sounds like a great time! I wish there was some good shows in my area. Very good place to collect & learn.


Level 4

So nice to be able to go to coin shows and make some good transactions either to add to your collection, or exchange for other things. Sounds like you had some nice pick-ups. The 199 error and the 1921 Morgan would have grabbed my interest.


Level 6

Sounds like you had some fun at the coin shows! Great deals too! I'll be looking forward to hearing more. ; )


Level 6

Always wheeling and dealing. Way to go. Looking forward to more. Thanks.

Speeding Arrow

Level 4

I thank everyone for still reading my blogs while I was away. Enjoy!

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