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25 Jan 2023

Innovation Dollars

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So I saw that some people were a little upset that I left because I couldn't take pictures. So with this blog, I am not going to use pictures( also because my camera STINKS). These coins are brand new, but sadly will only be allowed to be made in small quantities and reserved for collectors. They will honor an achievement made by a state or by a territory. Innovation dollars will also be of the same material as the Native American dollars. The obverse displays Lady Liberty and "IN GOD WE TRUST". The series should continue until 2032. I only have the Delaware-P and D as well as the Pennslyvania-P and D coins. They were given to me by my grandfather who collects British coins. The next blog I will do is about Morgan dollars.


Long Beard

Level 5

I personally find these an appealing collectible coin. I agree that seeing them circulate would be terrific, but not until the federal one dollar note ceases. I also understand the nod towards earlier dollar coins with edge incusing, however the largely empty obverse leave so much to desire.


Level 6

Don't worry about photos, you'll get it. ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Interesting item yo collect. Narrative is fine. Take time on your pictures, I am sure you will do great. Do tesis with your camera or cell phone. Save images as JPG. Best of luck!!! Never give up.


Level 6

Not many people seem to be collecting these. None that I know of anyway. I'm sure they have there fans. A lot of people do collect their state. Keep the blogs coming.


Level 7

Well I'm glad your blogging. Pictures do help allot but to write so we have A good idea is also good. Keep blogging. This way we get a good idea what your writing about. Keep up the good work. Call the ANA general number and tell them you can't put pictures up. Maybe they can help!


Level 6

It is nice to have pictures, but the bottom line, is the written part. Keep blogging.

Speeding Arrow

Level 4

Thanks for all the comments from the trime blog.

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