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26 Jan 2023

Morgan Dollars part 2

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Hi guys, we are just going to go over the history of the morgan dollars. So let's dive right in. George Thomas Morgan was the person who designed the dollar. He was the Chief Engraver from 1917-1925. And also designed the reverse of the Colombian half-dollar. For the face of the Morgan dollar, he model Anna Willess Williams who was a school teacher. Morgan even put his initials on both the obverse and reverse of the coin. There were over 657 million Morgan dollars minted between 1878-1921. Sadly, a lot of them were melted thanks to the Pittman act in 1918 and the Silver Act in 1942. The rarest of these coins was the 1893 S. This coin only had about 100,000 minted and go anywhere from $1900 to $1,250,000! Another cool feature of the Morgan dollar was that in 1878 there were either 7 or 8 feathers from the " buzzard bird". There are also new Morgan 2021 coins that I have a few of. But that's all I have for you today can't wait to see you soon! Bibliography: https://www.usgoldbureau.com/news/history-of-morgan-silver-dollars 2022 red book



Level 6

Lots of information on Morgans! Thanks for your blog! Wish the photo was a bit clearer. ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Thanks for the background story. Siggestion, when photo making, choose your equipment to the nearest ocular setting. It will bring uphigher resolution. Excellent narrative. Thanks. Photo making is a constant test. Your Morgan is parto a precious collection. My suggestion, bring a nic for your y surname and avatar. Good advise from a friend. Never give up, we are here to learn from each other.good luck.


Level 6

Well this is a good start. There is a ton of info on this widely collected series. It's nice that you added your bibliography. More professional. A picture as well. Great. Thanks.


Level 7

There is a book called the Sketchbook of George T. Morgan . I think its one of the best books about him. Were he came from . The relationship between him and Barber. Barber did not want him coming here . Copy of original letters. But the best part are all the pictures of coins medals and statues he made.The book was written by Karen Lee. And its very reasonable. Thanks for the blog.

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