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07 Sep 2018

Recent additions to my collection

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Hello. As some of you know, I collect wheat cents, and am looking for nice examples of less expensive coins. The following coins are what I got. (for only $3)    1. 1915 "D" cent. This Very Good example cost me just $2.50, and filled an early date in my book. 2. 1946 "S" cent. This cent has evaded my acquaintance for a long time, and I finally got it in F/VF condition for 50c. Also, I recently found a VF/EF 1943 "S" cent while looking through bank rolls.



Level 6

Very cool! I really enjoy bank roll hunting...you never know what you might find!


Level 6

Nice collection. It's great to have another coin roll hunter. One of my passions. I have found quit a few pennies in rolls. I buy a box of them from the bank. After I go through them I take them to a credit union I use. They have a coin star machine I can use for free. I don't even have to re-roll the cents. What a deal. Keep searching!!


Level 6

A 1943 cent in a bank roll? Good find. The 1915 cents are harder to find than many collectors realize.


Level 7

I enjoy filling in those holes. When you put the last one in you will remember that . Enjoy it. Mike


Level 6

It is nice to see that you are filling "holes" in your collection.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I have never heard of anybody finding a wheat penny in a bank roll. You have a nice find.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I'm sorry, I meant to say 1943 penny.

Next time, try to beef up this blog.

I have some 1915 if you need, I probably have what you need, less the key and semi key dates.

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