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18 Jan 2020

What I did at the 2020 Wilmington Coin Show

| copper coin collector

Hello, numismatic friends,

Today I went to the annual Wilmington (DE) Coin Show. It is the first time I've been to a coin show, and I had a great time! I attended the YN program and got a few free foreign coins as well as a 2013 $1 star note. Oh, and I also got a free Mercury Dime. After the YN program was over, I looked through many coins that dealers were offering and bought a 1922 'D' wheat cent in VF condition for $20. I will attend another coin show if I get the chance.

Thanks for reading,
copper coin collector



Level 5

Coin collecting is a hobby you can enjoy for a long time. I recently donated some LIncoln Cent albums to hopefully get more young people involved in coin collecting. Our local coin show is always a success with the YN involved. We have a few YN in our coin club that really enjoy the club and the shows they attend. Thanks for the post.

I've never been to a lousy coin show. They're always worth the time.


Level 6

That is great. Coin shows are the best. You can make some great contacts for later. G;lad you had fun and made some nice pick ups. You're hooked now.. Thanks.


Level 6

Sounds like a good time. Coins shows are a good place to open your eyes about the hobby.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Nice 3C, I am glad they have a YN program, that was not a thing when I was young. Make sure you study those foreign coins and learn about the countries they represent.


Level 7

That sounds great. You had fun and you got some nice coins and xurrency. In would put them together and Mark it my first show. Then in thirty years open it up. You will remember everything that happened. Good for you. Mike

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