Miscellaneous collection \\ Silver Copper & more

06 Dec 2018

Today, I'm compiling a small collection with my "miscellaneous" coins.

1. 1838 "Large" cent...
This example grades somewhere in the range of VG-10 to VF-20

2. 1857 Three-cent piece
This thing has a lot of wear and 2 holes, but I think it's cool anyways.

3. 1835 Half dime
A Fine example... but with 2 holes.

4. Modern dimes
Consists of 1996 "W" in original mint Cello, 1996 "S" clad, and 1996 "S" silver

5. Barber dimes
1912 Barber that grades G and 1914 Barber that grades XF. (I think the latter may have been previously cleaned)

Thanks for checking this out,

copper coin collector



Level 7

They sound great now you know what I went through when I couldn't post pictures it's hard. Thanks. Mike


Level 6

Those sound great. Try to get some photos for us. Thanks.

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