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31 Aug 2019

Financial Markets: Four Reasons to Invest in Gold

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Financial Markets: Four Reasons to Invest in Gold

Is it the right time to invest in gold? Many analysts have explained that the answer is "Yes, absolutely." Gold offers multiple uses, such as jewelry, in medicine, electronics, and in addition to its function to its time-tested investment. Although it is no longer a primary currency, gold remains a solid investment that has a value that is known around the world.

As such, gold is a uniquely positioned asset - it is liquid butwell-established and secure. In order to understand that gold still has a strong position in the financial markets, we will look at some of the reasons which further explain why gold is such an excellent commodity to use as an investment hedge in modern economics.

Gold is a Defense Against Inflation and Deflation

Through time, gold became an excellent commodity which could be used to combat inflation (and even deflation). Essentially, assets like gold and platinum are bought to serve as a hedge (a type of investment that has the ability to offset losses in other classes of assets) and against the failure of a currency.

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Level 7

Well it must be auction time. I'm here to learn about coins. Not investments. Thank you for the blog.

As gold passes 2k

It's Mokie

Level 6

Please refrain from any further posts that tout investment opportunities. We are an association of coin collectors and although many of us also invest in bullion, we keep this Forum ongoing for discussion of coins and their history.


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Buying gold/silver bullion is not coin collecting.

Welcome to the wonderful ANA website community! I agree with Kepi, this is not really a blog, but more almost a teaser.


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Welcome to the ANA ! This really isn't a blog... Why don't you read the article and tell us about it in your own words. That would be a blog.


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So, this is a direct copy/paste add for dividend investments? Do I have this correct?? Not nice.. Oh yeah, welcome but do it correctly please..

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