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13 Oct 2014

Cvil War Bill

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When I was at Gettysburg, Pa I bought a confederate civil war bill. It has a picture of a bill on one side. The other side is blank. It only coast me 12.00 dollars! Itwas worth half a dollar! I am glad I got this bill.



Level 6

I was at Gettysburg yrs ago, may great souvenirs available.


Level 7

Most of them don't have a back but the front is always beautiful. Mike. Good for you I've been there.


Level 4

sounds cool.


Level 5

sounds cool!


Level 4

Great buy, I would love to see a picture.



Level 5

Great! An obsolete bill. Was it $0.50 face value?


Level 6

Sounds really cool! I'm putting together a set of Civil War Indian Head Cents. History is great!


Level 3

Beautiful. I'd love to see a photo!

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