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13 Oct 2014

Silver Nickel Found

| IloveSilver

      One day l bought a bunch of rolls of nickels. So I was searching through some rolls and than I came across a nickel. I asked my dad what year it was and he said it was silver. I know the years of silver nickels but I could not see a date on it. He told me he knew that it was silver because the mint mark was above Monticello. That was my first time finding a silver coin in public!



Level 6

I still see War nickels in change every so often.


Level 6

Great find!


Level 7

Nice find. Never found one in change now if you could find the others.


Level 4

i have found over 100 in just spare change.


Level 3

I got one in change the other day.


Level 5

how old are you?


Level 5

lucky find eh.


Level 5

Was it extremely worn?


Level 5

No matter what, silver is silver!


Level 5

Hope you catch the bug. Silver nickels are probably the easiest to still find doing roll searches.


Level 3

Awesome!!! Lucky!

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