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08 Apr 2020

Collecting during the Pandemic

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A pandemic can be scary for all of us, but it has some positives for online dealers. I have sean a big increase in sales on my ebay store (I had to remove link). I am quite busy listing inventory on Ebay, but I will try to post on my blog at least every other day! I collect all types of dimes (bust through-roosevelt), except barber dimes because they are ugly, Lincoln Cents (I only have key dates left), and US Type. I have Littleton albums for a lot of coins, and I will somtimes work on other sets. I occasionally purchase a morgan or peace dollar for my collection, too. I look forward to being more a part of this wonderful onlie community during this time of uncrtainty.Stay Healthy,Larry


I. R. Bama

Level 5

I really don't like buying a coin online unless I can't seem to find it any other way. I most recently bought a Kennedy Half that was hard to acquire. Had been looking for about 4 months in person at my two local coin shops and a couple of shows. I really like to see the coin first, but as a last resort I will buy online.


Level 6

I too have been buy most of my coins on line. I buy most of my Peace Dollar VAMs from fellow members of VamWorld. Can't go wrong with your pals. Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I bought most of my coins at either shows or online before Covid 19, so there has been little disruption in my collecting activities. Having said that, I am hoping all of this starts subsiding soon. But I suspect we will be dealing with Covid 19 for at least the rest of Spring and into Summer.


Level 5

Ive been looking online at coins and medals. Bought a couple nice items. I throw out the package first. Then wash my hands real good before i touch whats inside. Regular mail same thing. Open and throw out envelope, wash hands, read mail and put somewhere, then wash hands again. If the mail can wait to be opened, let it sit in garage or basement for a day or two. Scarey that a box or mail could have the virus, but just be cautious. Stay safe.


Level 7

Internate selling has also become a pain. Not to the sellers but the buyers. The post office and my mail man said to clean the outside box with clorox after that open the box . Now we have a shute for garbage. Dump the box . Clean the item with clorox if its in a slab clean the slab and let iy sit by the window for 24 to 48 hours. I said your kidding he said said no.. Many employees at the hubs are not working with gloves or masks. So it seems deliverys have become very hard.. Regular mail and packages. Amozon has also put out a warning on the way to open a box that could have the virus on it. Do not clean raw coins. They must go by the window in a bag. Thanks. Always enjoy your blogs stay healthy my friend. Stay inside.

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