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24 Dec 2014

Roosevelt Issue from the mint

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I was wondering what anyone had as far as thoughts about this issue of the Roosevelt Chronicle from the mint. I got one just to maintain the continuity of my set for no other purpose than to pass it down to my grandkids in hoping that they would go into the hobby. I feel if we don't propagate the hobby it will die on the vine. Here where i live the coin shows are pathetic one small show here had only six dealers and only 75 patrons through the door. If that is the fate of a show and coin collecting we deserve it if we don't do something?



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The economy and the resulting lack of disposable income for the last several years has made it a rough hobby. Fewer coin shows and fewer dealers at the coin shows. The grading services used to participate in more coin shows and have scaled back to only the biggest ones. This hurts coin show patronage too.


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In West Virginia we don't have any shows. I am definitely trying to get my friends interseted though. I started a coin group on Facebook called Coin Collectors USA in an attempt to find people like me. Plus get youth involved.


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I agree that we need to pass it on. I gave a friend who wanted an Indian Head Cent and Indian, a BU Wheat, a Steel, a V Nickel, Buffalo Nickel, 1938 Nickel and a war nickel. I'd be really happy if he started collecting!


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I got into coin collecting because my Grandpa collected. We have to keep the hobby going : )


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Almost nobody in my family collects coins. My Grandpa and my sister are the only exceptions. We need to keep this amazing hobby going, and the best way to do that is to introduce family and friends to the hobby. Good job with that Roosevelt set, $guy!

Dollar Guy

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I want the hobby to go on - no one needs to have lost an avocation - Please enjoy the hobby!


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Mr. Roosevelt was President. All so found of March Of Dime. You can replaces. thank you peter

Here where I live(Singapore) it is worse. One coin show every year, exhibiting costs minimum of $5,350, limiting all young numismatists to exhibit. Coin dealers are dying out one by one. If we don't do something about this I fell like it will go down like stamp dealers.

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