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08 May 2022

A few 17th Century coins!

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Hello Numismatists! I thought I would do a short blog on my 17th century coins. I only have four, I'm hoping to get more soon. From the top left to the bottom right in the picture:
#1. This one I found i. my coin store's "damaged" bin, and pulled it out for free! It is a Latvian silver 1 solidus from 1650. It was issued by Christin (1634-1654), Queen of Sweden. It is is a AU-MS range, and worth about $10.
#2. This one took me a while to figure out, but I learned that it is a part silver billon mix 1 soldo from Venice, C. 1680 (no date). It has Jesus Christ on both sides, and is in a VF-XF range, even though it's dented. It is worth about $25.
#3. This is my oldest from the 17th century-a 1616 double tournois from France. It is a coin that was used in colonial America, and I am happy to ahve it in my collection. It is in VG-F range, and worth about $20.
#4. This is a British coin with Charles I on the obverse. It's date is worn away, but it is from C.1675. It is in about AG-3 condition, but it is another coin used in colonial America. It is worth about $8.
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!!

Sources: en.numista.com



Level 6

Very nice job. Numista is my go to on foreign coins. Thanks🐍

Long Beard

Level 5

Very intriguing. While I have bought a few over the years for my niece who collects primarily ancients, I have none of my own. Yet.


Level 6

That's great that you researched these coins! Very cool! ; )


Level 7

Great coins my friend. . Keep up the search!


Level 4

Cool coins! I really like old coins from that time period!

AC coin$

Level 6

Awesome ! Interesting history great colletions . Thank for sharing


Level 3

Great history, thanks for sharing!

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