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07 Jan 2023

Coin Store fun!

| CC

Hi everyone! Happy new year!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy, so this will be short :) It was actually a few months ago that I was at my favorite local coin store and they told me they had a job for me. If you remember that blog I did about shell money, then you know I'm also interested in shells. This coin store had a few little ones I had bought there from time to time--they aren't just a coin store, they also do minerals, rock, fossils, and shells! That's right. They took me to the back of the shop and showed me to two giant boxes full of shells they had just bought, and hired me to identify and price all of them! I've been doing that over the last few months. They got in two more loads between then and now, and I've been busy with that! It's a great experience and I get to learn about coins while I do it to! Like the time one of the guys who works there showed me a super rare mint state Saint Gaudens double eagle they'd just bought! They show me all sorts of coins while I'm there. I all you YNs get to have a cool experience like this one! -CCP.S. Has anyone been to the money museum in Colorado Springs? If so, comment below!

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