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27 Apr 2022

Numismatic paragraphs

| CC

When I was younger an I was exhibiting at a conference, I wrote some paragraphs that I would like to share with you 😃 What makes some coins more valuable than others?Some coins are made with different metals that make them more valuable. Pennies used to be made out of copper, but now copper is too expensive to use. Also, when they made copper-nickel pennies from 1857-1864, they only made them for eight years, which makes them rare and valuable. Also, coins can be more valuable if they are older and no longer being made For example, an 1889 Indian head penny is worth more than a 2019 penny, because they don't make Indian pennies today and there are not as many as the 1889 ones. Who is on the coins and why?On Lincoln's 100th birthday, Theodore Roosevelt and the U.S mint decided to celebrate his birthday by putting his picture on the coin. Congress and the people liked the coin. Our coin making system was proposed by Thomas Jefferson, and that is how he got on a coin. FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) fought Polio most of his life. He was a big fan of the March of Dimes and this was what made them put his image on the dime-the ten cent coin--the dime. They decided to put Washington's picture on the quarter for one year(1932) in honor of the 200th anniversary of his birth. But it became so popular, they decided to keep it as a permanent design. Just after John F Kennedy was assassinated, president Lyndon B. Johnson ordered his image to be put on the coin to honor fallen president. Benjamin Franklin used to be on the half dollar before JFK. Each president on our coins was chosen because of their service to our country. What is an Indian head penny?An Indian head penny is a old penny with an Indian head on one side and an oak wreath on the other side. Their dates range from 1859-1909. The first small cent minted was a flying eagle. Mint director James Ross Snowden decided that the new artwork would make this penny more popular. So he told his chief designer, James B. Longacre, to create an Indian chief wearing the classic headress associated with the indians. How coins are madeA mint is a place where they make coins. When the U.S. mint first opened in 1793, coin production was a very physical, slow, and imprecise process. The first mint in Philadelphia consisted of a three-story brick building, with some smaller buildings around it. The Coinage Act of 1792 told the mint to use copper, silver, and gold to make coins. This is how coins are made: they make a large sculpture of the coin and put it through a machine that makes it in to a smaller mold. Then, they put hot metal in the mold to make a stamper. Then machines stamp metal disks to make coins. I hope you enjoyed reading this!

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