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12 May 2021

My Idea in making my own local coin club for teens and adults

Young Numismatists Exchange | Jackson

Hi, I"m Jackson, I'm 15 and am active in this hobby. I joined the ANA to become more connected to fellow collectors like me. But I'm more than a half hour away from a local coin club unfortunately. So I've decided to try to make my own! I made a Facebook page called Bowling Green, Ohio coin group. I plan on setting up a flyer in my local library too. I may even try to write something for my High School newspaper. I want this group to be teens and adults. I want it to be friendly and enjoyable to do. I want it to be a place where collectors in my town can talk, share, and trade coins! I want to meet every once in awhile at our local library if the group ever grows. I'm super excited about it and I hope if anyone reads this that is in the Bowling Green, Ohio area will join! Thank You fpr reading!



Level 5

Jackson, if you really can’t find anybody, try visiting you local coin dealership once and a while to see if you run into any other YNs.


Level 5

Welcome and way to go with creating your own club.


Level 6

Welcome! I wish you luck with the coin club endeavor. ; )


Level 5

Great idea. Your area must have others to join. You only need two people to get started. Try to follow some guidelines on meetings.


Level 6

Good idea. I wish you luck. I already belong to a coin club half way across the country. I am having a great time with the zoom meetings.

Sounds nice! I wish you good luck with this project.


Level 5

Way to go! My coin club currently meets through ZOOM. ZOOM is an excellent platform to meet in the age of COVID. You may also draw people from across the country!


Level 3

Thank You all for being supportive and liking my idea! I really appreciate it!


Level 5

I have yet to attend my first coin club meeting due to Covid restrictions at our meeting venue. My friend, Mark who owns a local coin shop is the President and has invited me to join once the venue is approved again. Thanks for posting and good luck with your endeavor !

It's Mokie

Level 6

A wonderful idea Jackson, I hope you are able to get it off the ground. Wish I were near Bowling Green, I would definitely give yo my support.


Level 7

First I would like to welcome you to this great hobby. There is much to be learned and have a good time. Follow the active members . They will help you!. Again welcome!!And it is a great idea!!


Level 4

That’s a great idea. Thankfully my coin club is only 16 mins away

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