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13 Apr 2019

a big jug of coins

Coins | A.J.

i frogot to take this home for a long time, but afterwards, i took this gallon of pennies home! it was a birthday present.



Level 6

Welcome to the world of coin roll hunting. Or, in this case, Sunny D jug coin hunting.


Level 4



Level 7

I still coin roll it's allot of fun. I check Piggy banks also the fun is in the hunt.


Level 6

Hope you find something interesting.


Level 4

i got: 16 "Early Life" 2009 Lincons 4 "professional life" 2009 Lincons 3 AU-BU 1968 memorials, 2 off center memorial Lincons 4 wheat ears; 2 57-Ds, 53-D, and 55-D 4 canadian cents:93, 87, 59,77.

Good luck hunting. Maybe you can find something worth sharing on the exchange blog!

It's Mokie

Level 6

OMG, I am so jealous, I hope you find some excellent coins in that jug. Are they all Wheaties or a mix of wheaties and more recent stuff?


Level 4

it was mainly modern coins, but i did find some stuff.


Level 4

Let the search begin. What fun. Especially if you find something.

have fun with those coins aj


Level 6

That's too cool A.J.! You'll have great fun going through all those pennies!

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