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06 Apr 2021

A nice gift

| A.J.

Oh boy, easter turned out to be a good day. That day, i was given along with the mystery coins in the form, this beautiful coin set here. The 1983 Prestige set. The beutiful set has a number of firsts:•the olympic dollar inside was the first majority silver dollar produced since 1935.• this was the first prestige set, with the last one being made in 1997.•the design of the coin was executed by the first female chief engraver, Elizabeth Jones.This was a great gift to get, and i will happily take care of it. Thanks from Andrew.



Level 5

Great gift!!!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wow, A.J. you did have an excellent Easter. Thanks for sharing your great set. I may have to hit EBAY aSAp. (:


Level 5

This was a very nice gift. I had to purchase mine. I'm only missing a couple to complete my collection of Prestige sets, like LongBeard, one being the 1996 also!

Long Beard

Level 5

These were, in my opinion, the best sets to ever leave the mint. The only set I'm lacking is the elusive 1996, a high dollar set aside, one without the common white haze found on them.

Wow. Nice gift!


Level 6

Great haul.


Level 6

Nice gift.


Level 5

Nice set. Great gift.


Level 5

Very nice gift!!


Level 5

That is a beautiful gift! Enjoy it!

walking liberty

Level 4

sheeesshhh! those are some nice gifts. i got a custom car book, magnifying glass with a light, a survival book, and a Guinness work record book. Also the most important.....Candy


Level 6

What a great gift! Enjoy it! ; )


Level 7

Very nice gift. Way to go. Take care of it!!

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