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15 Sep 2019

Crazy coin books

Coins-United States | A.J.

two days ago, one of my friends gave me alot of coin books. they are, in the following;P.S. W=Whitman and L=littleton
1. L State Quarters2.W FULL Lincon cents 1941-19653. W not full lincon cents of the same, 1941-19654.W 1959-1979 memorial cents (getting boring ish?)5.W 1975-1989 Memorial Cents6. W 1941-1974 Cents7.W 1909-1940 wheat cents8.1857-1909 Indian Head Cents
the Indian cent book has some expensive and rare coins in it.-1857 Flying Eagle Cent-1863 FULL LIBERTY VF-AU Indian head-1869 Indian Head (mintage of 6.4 Mil)-1876 Indian Head (mintage of 7.9 mil)-1870 Indian Head (Mintage of 5.3 Mil)-1909 Indian head (just a cool and historic coin)
id price my books alltogether at around $300.



Level 4

That is really cool! I love getting coin books, and need a bigger library.


Level 7

Very important to have albums. It gets you very interested in completing sets.


Level 6

It is always nice when other people encourage your hobby.


Level 6

Nice friend. You got some good albums there. Thanks..

It's Mokie

Level 6

Fantastic! Every Numismatist needs some great albums to protect their treasures and You have some great ones. Your Friend is awesome.

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