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08 Apr 2019

nice pickup my uncle gave me

Coins-United States | A.J.

picture taken from online because i suck at taking pictures



Level 7

My son has collected all the silver proof since it started in 2010. If the America the Beautiful set all the same label MS 69 . That's what he likes. He likes the different designs I do to. Now five coins next year and one the year after he's done. Keep working at the pictures and the word suck doesn't fit. Keep practicing soon you will be taking great pictures . I could never take one. Now I put to many up. Thanks pat.

Whatever anyone says about the Statehood/Territorial Quarter Series, I still like them.

Please include more information when making these


Level 4

ill remember that next time


Level 4

Nice set. Information and History, ... Please..... Keep working at taking your own pictures. Blessings, Pastor Greg


Level 4

Thanks for sharing. What exactly is this a set of? Please provide some background. - Thanks, Randy

It's Mokie

Level 6

Thanks A.J. , Always loved the Territory Quarters, I think Northern Marianas is my favorite. I would love to Scuba Dive there.


Level 6

Cool set! Longstrider is right about the photos. You don't suck at taking pictures...you'll get it ; ) This is a nice set but what exactly is it? Your fellow collectors love information and history.


Level 4

its an 2009 quarter set.


Level 6

I think you photo is too large. It gets pixelated when you click it on.. Tell us something. Quarters?? Thanks. You'll get the hang of this.

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