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07 Apr 2019

two new coins

Coins-United States | A.J.

as anew introduction to my collection, i got an 1988 silver eagle and an 1887 seated liberty dime...... thats all i have so say. just look at the coins.



Level 4

2 nice acquisitions. That was kind of your Dad to share those with you. Will you be building 2 collections around those 2 coins? A Silver Eagle Collection 1986 to 2019 would be relatively easy and not too expensive.


Level 4

i got them while looking through my dads collection BTW


Level 6

Two nice coins. Good pick ups.. Thanks.

Bit blurry on the dime, but the silver eagle is nice, both great additions to your collections.


Level 4

i have bad cameras only


Level 7

The nice pick uos. Enjoy them. And take care of them protect them. The New Red Book is coming out you can order it now on Pre-order. Tells you everything about American coinage. Keep up the good work and work on a budget. Pat


Level 4

Nice collection boosters. Pics are blurry. Keep fine tuning that. Blessings.


Level 6

Looks nice. Great addition to your collection!

It's Mokie

Level 6

two nice acquisitions A.J. But please try to improve your photos before imploring us to "look at the coins".

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