small cent set

30 Mar 2019

all small cent designs (excluding 1943 and 2009 pennies)



Level 6

Nice collection! I like the Flying Eagle! ; )


Level 5

Youve got some nice coins there! Keep them coming, and add some more (;


Level 5

Very nice start on a collection. Keep on working on it.


Level 5

I love the Flying Eagle!


Level 5

Nice coins! Do you plan on eventually getting a steel cent and 2009? They are both very inexpensive


Level 4

ive started up some type sets, a wheat cent one (almost done) and a buffalo set (almost nothing yet) this was a little set i thought would be easy.

have you done a complete set for a small cent design; or are you type collecting?


Level 4

i guess this is a type collection, but i still haven't found my direction in the ways of the hobby yet.

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