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11 Dec 2021

Any thoughts on this coin?

| Anakin104

I do not know what these marks are? Got any ideas on what it is ? Is it just wear?, because it is 115 years old.



Level 6

Interesting... Just kinda looks old and worn. ; )

Wear and dents.


Level 7

Better picture would help. Lots of luck!!


Level 6

I can't see it well enough. Some Spanish speaking, Mexico? 5 centavos. Any clearer pictures? AC is right. It looks like the Mexican coat of arms.


Level 5

I have seen members talk about an phone app that identify's coins by taking an image of the coin? I don't have this app for my phone, but it would an amazing app to have. Old coin you have. Still a nice item, even with damage. Any coin that old is nice to own and display.


Level 5

What “marks” are you referring to?


Level 4

There is what looks like a hole in the eagle side and a stretched area on the 5 centavos side

I. R. Bama

Level 5

It's not your gem coin with a lot of post mint damage, but Id be glad to own it in my collection any time! Congratulations!

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

That is from Mexico . It is a post-colonial coin. A Mexican eagle grabbing a serpent. Please add me as your friend.

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