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14 Dec 2021

The history of the Red and Blue Book

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For many years, new coin collectors are wondering how to get the information they need to know about their new hobby. The Blue Book, which has been here since 1942, and the a Red Book, which has been here since 1946, have been helping coin collecting for 75 to 79 years and counting. In this article, I will talk about the history of the Red and Blue book.Ist book: The Blue BookOriginally named the Handbook of United States Coins, was later changed to the Blue Book, because of its nickname because of its blue cover. The Blue Book, was introduced to the world in 1942 by Richard S. Yeoman and Whitman Publishing, tells the possible amount of money you could earn by selling your numismatic treasures. All money that you could possibly earn depends on condition,mintmark and year. In 2022, the Blue Book will celebrate 79 years of information about American coins. This book covers buying offers. From early American coins to National Park Quarters, colonial American coins to U.S Mint products, there is practically no coin this book doesn't cover with buying offers.2nd book: The Red BookOriginally known to the world as the Guide Book of United States Coins, had a similar situation like the Blue Book and its name. A nickname of a book now a trademarked name, it is now the Red Book because of its red cover. The Red Book covers the retail price of your coins. It lists the price of colonial coins to circulating coins, proof sets and even Red Book prices! It also includes water tokens, commemoratives and Phillipine issues. The prices go off of grade, mintmark and year. The Red Book is the longest coin price guide, with over 24 million copies sold.Red Book vs Blue BookThe Red Book covers the retail price of your coins, what you can expect to pay for the coin desired. The Blue Book covers the wholesale price, the price you could expect to get from a dealer , coin shop or wherever you buy your coins. Also, the Blue Book, the less popular coin book, sells for around 10 to 12 dollars. The more popular Red Book sells for around 16 to 20 dollars. (This is also the buying range and some copies will cost more because of rarity and such) The last and easiest way to tell them apart is there colors. One is Red and one is Blue. Red Book and Blue Book nowR. S Yeoman retired from being the editor in 1970, 18 years before his death. He left Kenneth Bressett in charge as editor. Bressett, the former assistant of R.S Yeoman, who retired in 2017, passed the baton to Jeff Garrett . Jeff is now currently the editor of both the Red and Blue books, and Bressett is now the editor emeritus. Also Q. David Bowers has served as the senior editor in the Deluxe edition of the Red Book since 2018.

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