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27 Jan 2020

Coin Hoards

Coins | Conordon

What are coin hoards? Coin hoards are large amounts of coins that are usuallyburiedor hidden for safe keeping. Usually, coin hoards are found onaccident andhave many types of coins. Manycoin hoards have very old coins in almost perfect condition.Ancient coin hoards An ancient coin hoard is a hoard of coins from ancient times. These coins are often in good condition and are impossible to find anywhere else. The discovery of an ancient coin hoard revealsa lot about life during ancient times and the coins that were made then.US coin hoards Some coin hoards have american coins from the 1800s and the early 1900s. These hoards have coins like double eagles andMorgandollars in perfect condition that are never seen anywhere else.Shipwrecks Some hoards were not buried or hidden intentionally. Some hoards were found in shipwrecks that sunk many years ago. Most coins found in shipwrecks were coins that are hundreds of years old but some coins found in shipwrecks are from recent ships that sunk. Coins from shipwrecks can be coins from many different countries. Shipwreck hoards have gold and silver coins that are hundreds of years old. Sometimes the coins are rusty and in bad condition but sometimes they are preserved and are in almost perfect condition.Famous coin hoards1. The Wells Fargo hoard The Wells Fargo hoard was a hoard discovered the the early 1990s that had thousands of 1908 no motto Saint-Gaudens double eagles in amazing condition. Ten coins were even graded MS-69. The coins in this hoard were some of the best double eagles ever found.2. 1998Midwestmega hoard In1998 a hoard of 488,000 Buffalo Nickels, 308,000 LibertyHead Nickels, and 950,000IndianHead Cents that the president of Littleton Coin Company had been collecting. This coin hoard was the largest coin US coin hoard ever made.3. The Frome hoard The Frome hoard was found in 2010 near the town of Frome in England. The hoard was buried in a ceramic pot and contained many ancient roman coins dated from AD 253-305. The pot was so large that somebelieveit may have been an offering to the gods.4. The Montana hoard George Bouvier hid 8,000 silver dollars in the walls of his house and many more coins in coffee pots under the floor boards of his shop. He told one of his friends who told Bouvier's family about the hoard. After they searched they found over 17,000 coins. Not all coin hoards are found and no one knows how many are still hidden. Some coin hoards may never even be found.



Level 6

Enjoyed your blog! Cool photo! ; )


Level 5

Nice story on hoards. Would love to have a hoard of something myself. Thanks


Level 6

Very nice blog and accompany photo. It is well written. There is always a chance to find one.. Good luck.


Level 7

Someday I would liken to find a Hoard like the couple walking there dog in a California park with there dog and found six or seven coffee fans full of gold. I would take one of cents!! Thanks very interesting on hoards. Thanks for the research and i Information. I enjoyed it.


Level 6

Bowers book on hoards is worth reading.

It's Mokie

Level 6

David Bowers has written several excellent books about hoards in the United States or surrounding waters. Some of the hoards are relatively modest but some are spectacular like the ones you mentioned. Always an interesting topic and always a hope when I take my metal detector out on a day trip.


Level 3

Thank you for giving me that book recommendation. I will make sure to read it.

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