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07 Feb 2020

Valuable Coins

Coins | Conordon

There are some coins that are worth over a hundred thousand dollars. There are even some valuable coins that are worth millions of dollars. I am going to tell you about some rare and valuable coins coins. What makes a coin Valuable? There are many reasons coins are valuable Some are valuable because of the metal in them. Some are valuable because only a few were made and some are valuable because there was an error while it was being made. There are many reasons coins are valuable and there are many valuable coins and some can be found in pocket change. Valuable coins 1. 1933 Saint-Gaudens double eagle The 1933 double eagle is one of the rarest coins. In 1933 the president of the United States made it illegal to own gold coins and the country stopped making gold coins. most of these coins were melted but a few remain. One of them sold for over 7 million dollars at and auction.

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