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31 May 2020

The first american coin

Coins-United States Colonial | Conordon

There have been many coins made in the united states. I am going to tell you about some of the first coins made in the united states.
The first coin I am going to write about is the 1776 continental dollar. These coins are very rare and the silver version of the coin is even rarer. The continental dollar had 13 rings to represent the 13 colonies and were not used very commonly as money.
The first official coin was made in 1783. It was made out of silver and had an eye surrounded by 13 stars. The coin was not used as commonly as other coins that were made before the revolutionary war but were used more commonly than the 1776 Continental dollar.
I 1792 the government decided upon what the money system was going to be. That year they chose to include dollars, cents, and they also included gold coins. in 1792 the first copper coin was made. It was the large cent. not many people liked it because it was heavy and hard to use. In 1793 they created the first half cent which was discontinued later.In 1792 they also created the half Disme which was one of the first widely used coins.
Those were some of the first coins minted in the us. I hope you enjoyed. If you have any questions you can ask me.



Level 1

Eye represents Providence or God who has favored American experiment. New civilization or culture has burst upon the world stage. Liberty and Justice go together like love and marriage. Money has historical and cultural significance never appreciated by economists, historians or Supreme Court Justices. The appearance of Lincoln on penny means liberty is no longer an abstraction Lincoln paid. ultimate price so other men could be free.


Level 6

I'd love to have that one in my collection! Nice blog! Thanks! ; )

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I wonder if the eye on the coin was. Masonic symbol?

Long Beard

Level 5

Very nice write up. Benjamin Franklin had his hands on that design, so to speak. At some point I intend on doing a blog on that very coin but trying to keep it short seems to be an issue once the research begins. A fascinating subject for sure.


Level 7

I cant think of anyone who would not want that coin. Fugio. Thats what i call it. The girl downstairs wanted to sell hers . I offered her twenty dollars. Fair price for a counterfit. And this has many. Good research keep it up . And keep them coming. Thanks.


Level 6

Good job. Well researched on a great coin. I hope you learned from your study of this coin. I did. Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

A very worthy start to our nation's coinage, thank you for your research and excellent photos.


Level 5

I agree with Mike B. that every numismatist would love to own the coin. I love the eye design. The continental currency coin has a design very much like the Bickford Dollars of 1897. Look up Bickford Dollar and you will see the reverse must of been inspired by the continental currency coin. Thanks for posting, was very interesting to learn this since I have some Bickford Dollars.

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