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07 Feb 2020

Valuable Coins

Coins | Conordon

There are some coins that are worth over a hundred thousand dollars. There are even some valuable coins that are worth millions of dollars. I am going to tell you about some rare and valuable coins coins. What makes a coin Valuable? There are many reasons coins are valuable Some are valuable because of the metal in them. Some are valuable because only a few were made and some are valuable because there was an error while it was being made. There are many reasons coins are valuable and there are many valuable coins and some can be found in pocket change. Valuable coins 1. 1933 Saint-Gaudens double eagle The 1933 double eagle is one of the rarest coins. In 1933 the president of the United States made it illegal to own gold coins and the country stopped making gold coins. most of these coins were melted but a few remain. One of them sold for over 7 million dollars at and auction.

2. 1776 silver continental dollar This coin was the first american coin. It had the words fugio (time flies) and mind your business. This coin also had 13 rings. The silver version of this coin is very rare.

3. 1943 copper Lincoln cent The 1943 cent was made out of steel but a few copper cents were made. The copper version is very rare and expensive.

4. 1913 liberty V nickel 1912 was supposed to be the last year this coin was minted but 5 were made in 1913. This coin is worth over 3 million dollars.

5. 1975 no S proof Roosevelt dime

This coin sold for over 300,000 dollars at an auction because the dime had no S. There are only a few known. There are many other no S proof sets that are very valuable.

6. 1969 double die Lincoln cent

This coin is worth a lot of money because of the error and it is a very nice coin.

7. 2000 Sacagawea/quarter mix

The obverse of this coin is a Washington quarter and the reverse is a Sacagawea dollar. It is the only example of a coin like this and the coins sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

8. 2004 extra leaf Wisconsin state quarter

This coin has an error that looks like it has an extra leaf on the reverse. This coin has been sold for hundreds of dollars.

Some error coins like the 1943 copper cent, the 1969 double die and the 2004 extra leaf quarter are found in pocket change every day. Some coins like the 1776 continental dollar, the 1933 double eagle and the 1913 liberty V nickel sell for millions of dollars at auctions. Rare and valuable coins are everywhere and are found everyday. Maybe you have a few rare coins.



Level 6

Thanks for a good blog! You listed some great coins! ; )

It's Mokie

Level 6

I had the famous Cheerio's Sacagawea Dollar but thought it was no big deal and put them in a bank change counting machine. Oddly enough, Coin Star also sent me 2 Sacagawea's at the time of their initial issuance, I guess they were not special, they also went to a counting machine. LOL


Level 6

Great job. Very interesting blog. I would love to have any of those. Thanks.


Level 7

There are many expensive coins .The Nations 300 most expensive and rarest coins are in the Smithsonian Institution's CoinVault. David Bower's was given access to it. Some of the great writers and Numisistasit have been in there. Those are the ones I would love to see. It's my Fort Knox. Great blog on some of our greatest coins. There is a U.S. Coin made in 1945 in Denver .Brought to the Philippines by General MacArthur. 1945 D Ten Centavos DDR. Heritage House sold them for 4000.00 MS 67 MS 66 3600.00. I enjoyed your research kept my interest. Thanks.

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