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12 Jun 2015

My Best Month Yet!!! Part I


In Red Bank, there is a coin store that I liked to go to. However, I began to dislike it. The people were grouches, the coins were bad deals, they didn't accept credit... the complaints go on and on.

I recently heard of another coin store 20 minutes north, Jersey Coin Showcase, and I heard great reviews from a friend on mine. He said that you could simply ask for a bin and there it is.
I had wanted to go to the coin store for months now, when we were due for the dentist. Our dentist visit is not the norm, as there were six of us in there! However, we finished abnormally early, and so still had quite a bit of morning left. We took a drive around Keyport, a town that we did not know very well, when we stumbled upon Airport Plaza, where the Coin Store was. The boys went in the coin store, and the girls went to a yarn store. For a first time visit, I decided to buy quantity, not quality. As we went in, one man immediately gave me a magazine, which told me that the reviews were correct. A bin of cull coins were on the table there, and I went through them. The man took out some coins, and gave me some for free! The free coins are as follows:
1826 Large Cent, AG-3
1864 Two Cent, FR-2
Shield Cent, PO-1
1913 Type 1 Buffalo Nickel, Cull
1913 Type 2 Buffalo Nickel, XF, Double-Holed
2 Tokens
Smashed 1859 Indian Head Cent

I then bought from the bin:
1830? Large Cent, AG-3
1864 Two Cents x2, AG and G
1865 Two Cents x2, AG and G+
1869 Shield Nickel
1857 Flying Eagle Cent, VG, Corroded
1862 Indian Head Cents x2, G and G+
1864 and 1865 Indian Head Cents (Bronze), Cull
1853 With Arrows Half Dime, Cull
1894 Liberty Head Nickel, AG-3
These I paid $17 for.

You were allowed to operate the rotating racks (you know what), and even take coin out of a few of them. I then bought as follows:
1965 SMS 1c, $0.30
2002-S 1c, $0.75
1992-S 5c, $0.30
2009-S 5c, $0.60
1977-S 10c, $0.75
1983-S 10c, $0.75
1974-S 25c, $0.45
1984-S 25c, $0.75
1985-S 25c, Impaired, $0.50
2007-P Thomas Jefferson Presidential Dollar, PCGS MS-64, Position A, $2.00
2007-P Thomas Jefferson Presidential Dollar, PCGS MS-64, Position B, $2.00

The total, with tax, came out to $26.22. Great for 30 or so coins and a magazine!
Part II will be out within a week (hopefully a couple of days!)



Level 7

Now this is what some collectors don't understand. You had a great time and that's what matters. You know exactly what your doing. It's to bad some collectors are all business. Without a good day out and coming home with all those coins that's it. Good for you.mike.


Level 5

great buys! where do u get all this money?


Level 5

Exellent! where in NJ is this store because I am going in a week and a half.


Level 5

I am having trouble finding the exact address, but either look up Jersey Coin Showcase, Keyport, NJ; or look up Airport Plaza, Keyport, NJ; then get directions from there.


Level 5

It is always fun to go through the open boxes and see what is inside. Keep it up!


Level 6

Wow! Sounds like a great time...except for the Dentist haha You got lots of cool coins for a great price!


Level 5

Sounds like a great experience.



Level 5

Great finds for you and also great to see your enthusiasm.

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