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24 Feb 2015

Odd Thing About Commemmoratives

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I have noticed that the most common and least valuable classic commemorative is the 1892-1893 Columbus Half Dollar, the very first classic commemorative struck.

The most common and least valuable modern commemorative is the 1982 Washington Half Dollar, the very first modern commemorative to be struck.

I often wonder if they started common, but realized that they sold too low and made them rarer, or what.

Is there anybody that knows the answer to this mystery?



Level 4

Production has something to do with.


Level 5

The least valuable modern commem is the 1986 statue of liberty half dollar. Coin world lists MS-67 at $4.00


Level 5

Okay, I did check, and found that uncirculated strikes are more common for George Washington, but proof strikes are more common for the Statue of Liberty commemorative.


Level 5

Wow! I will have to check that, I am currently 540 miles away from home, but I should be back by March 3, and then I will check that!


Level 5

I think that the high production may have something to do with it.

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