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20 Feb 2016

Comparison of Red and Blue Books


I recently, for my birthday, got a 2016 Blue Book from a friend of mine. I noticed many differences, like a G-4 Common Indian Head Cent being worth $2.00 in Red and $0.80 in Blue, a G-4 1909-S V.D.B. worth $800 in red and $450 in Blue, and even the 1894-S dime, $1,500,000 in Red and $600,000 in Blue.

23 Feb 2015

Unique Coins in the 2015 Red Book

Coins | CMCC

I have wondered how many unique coins are in the Red Book (for those out there that don't know what a unique coin is, it is a coin with only one known specimen to exist), so here they are:

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