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13 Aug 2015

The End of My Business...The Start of Investing

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For 16 months I have bought and sold coins and eBay, with successes and failures, and fees, fees, fees. It it hard to make a gain with over 13% fees, so I had a lot of trouble making gains.

I had that one success in which I turned $90 into $180 and 25 more V Nickels, and a few other 30% gains or so. I also had some acid treated buffalo rolls, in which I am now stashed with, but they have turned out to be about -60% investments. I am now stocked up with low grade cull coins, but I have decided to modify the way to make money.

Invest in Stocks and ETF's (Electronically Traded Funds).

Despite the fact the I am 13, I have tracked the S&P 500, the NASDAQ, some stocks and ETF's, and even a few Mutual Funds.

To my great surprise, I was recently given $500, and with another $114 in Paypal, I have decided to take that $614 to Vanguard.

Vanguard is a website to invest on, with which Expense Ratio's are much, much lower than normal, and where you pick whatever you want to invest in, no guidance from brokers. My dad put $2,000 into a Vanguard account, and we put $1900 into an S&P 500 ETF, and another $97 into a Utilities ETF. 2015 has been a rough year, and many people are predicting more than a 2009, and some are predicting that the Dow Jones, with a price of $18,000, shall fall 66%, down to 6,000, and that means that everything else will as well.

We also put $1,000 into a separate account, but was shortly pulled out again. I have decided to use that account, and invest my $614 in there. It has not been put in there yet, but I am determined to bring that number above $1,000. (There was a stock that recently dropped from $0.1001 to $0.01, and then bounced back up to $0.1001 the following day. That would turn my $614 into $6,146.14. If it goes back down, I will make a goal of $5,000). I also hope to raise money for the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector and Garrett AT Pro-pointer.

We shall see how this works out, even if we end up in another 2009 plummet!



Level 7

I'm very sorry you didn't make it as a salesperson. But that's business. It's the same with the market. It's a game. You have to pick very well. I wish you luck there. Because t her are fees in t he market to. Mike


Level 5

wow you are a business-minded teen. I am thirteen as well and dont have a local coin shop and cantgo to coin shows very often do i am looking for more ways to get money too to pay for shipping on coins. how much was your metal detector and what do u suggest as a really good magnifier?


Level 5

Good luck with your endeavors. You just never know what the future holds.

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