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19 Mar 2021

A Book Review of Numismatic Forgery by Charles M. Larson

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Numismatic Forgery by Charles M. Larson is an extremely well written book about counterfeit coins and numismatic forgeries. It dives into how many counterfeit and numismatic forgery coins are created in great detail.

What I liked about the book was how detailed it was, as one of the best ways to learn how to avoid counterfeit coinage (or anything to be honest) is to learn how they are made, as it helps the collector know the tell-tale signs of each type of forgery, alteration, or counterfeit.

What I disliked about the book was that it could almost be seen as an instruction manual on how to counterfeit coinage. While as I stated earlier, the easiest way to avoid counterfeit coins and forgeries is to learn how they are made in order to know the telltale signs, I feel it went into way too much detail (down to the exact materials used for molds) which can easily enable the next generation of counterfeiters.

Overall, I would recommend the book as it does give a very in depth explanation of the tell-tale signs of counterfeit and altered coins, such as small holes or traces of solder.

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The MoKe

Level 6

I remember another YN did a review of this same book about a year ago. I bought the book at that time but found it kind of technical and kind of boring. I am glad you enjoyed it, I did not. (:


Level 6

Thanks for the review! ; )

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Sounds like a must read!


Level 6

I have that book and it is great. I don't think you need to worry too much about it being a how to book. Everything is well known. I like the shotgun method myself. Thanks. Knowledge is power.


Level 5

A collection of forgeries would be awesome. I don't believe many of the coins in my price range would be forgeries. But you never know. Nice book to read.

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