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17 Jul 2022

CherrypickYN #3: LCS pickups and numismatic material

Young Numismatists Exchange | user_30405

Hello YN and YNH!

Wow! A lot has happened since I last posted! Today I will share some LCS pickups and what I received from Whitman, and get to more in the near future.

I went to my LCS about a month ago to fill holes in my two album’s, Whitman 20th and 21st Century Type Set #3688, and Whitman Lincoln Cents, 1909-1995, #9112. For the Type set, I bought a 1943-D BU War Nickel for $5, 2004-S Proof Sacagawea Dollar for $2.50, and a 2007-S Proof Thomas Jefferson Presidential Dollar for $3, all three totaling $10.5. Moving on to the Lincoln Cents, I am working on a complete run of Lincoln cents, with the goal of having a Short Set of fully struck coins in the next year or so, and finishing Pre-1934 cents when I get the budget to buy the S-mints. The coin shop had a complete run of BU Lincoln Cents on trays, and I guess the prices hadn’t been upgraded for a few years, so I ended up getting a LOT more coins than I thought I had the budget to. In chronological order I bought these coins, all in uncirculated grades:

1943-D $4

1950 $2.50

1951-D $.25

1953 $.75

1954 $.75

1954-S $.75

1955 $.50

1959 $.50

1960 LD $.25

1962 $.25

1963 $.25

1964 $.25

1965 $.25

1968-S $.50

1969-D $.25

1970 $.25

1970-S SD FILLER $.25

1971-D ms66 $1

1972 $.25

1973 $.25

1976-S PROOF $1

1982 SDC $.25

1982 SDZ $.25

1982-D SDZ $.25

1987-D $.25

1990 $.25

1991 $.25

1992 $.25

1993 $.25

1994 $.25

1995 $.25



I also received my order from Whitman recently, using my credit graciously bestowed upon me by the ANA for my essay in the ANA’s YN Literary Competition. I got two albums: Lincoln Cents: 1996-present, Jefferson Nickels: 1938-2003. The first to be able to finish my Lincoln cents, and the second to collect after I finish Lincoln’s. I also received the 7th Edition of the ANA’s Grading Standards, Grading Coins by Photographs, The 2023 Blue Book, A Guidebook of Lincoln Cents, 3rd Edition, A Guidebook of Buffalo and Jefferson Nickels, 2nd Edition, and finally A Guidebook of United States Type Coins, 3rd Edition. A HUGE thanks to Whitman and the ANA for hosting the literary competition.

A suggestion for ANA YN’s, take advantage of the free membership to CONECA through the ANA, their magazine is great and their YN program educates you and gives you stuff like CRH’s essential Strike it Rich with Pocket Change

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment, and keep on looking for those varieties.



Level 3


AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Excellent acquisition beyond material gain. They are all precious and shall be part of your ongoing collection which I believe is very attractive. Congrats. Best of luck.

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