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08 Oct 2019

Trip to England and Where is the Best Coin Display

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After my somewhat disappointing visit to the British Museum, coinwise, I founda display that really caught my eye. In the Museum of the Roman Baths at Bath I saw a set of coins on display that had a nice coin from the Roman Republic and from each of the Roman Emperorswho ruled during the Roman Occupation of Britain. It was a mix of gold, silver and bronze, from Asses and Dupondii through Denarii and Antoniniani up to gold Aurei. All were in nice condition. All these coins were nicely displayed in a sweeping curve in date order. Not a great description of each, but a really memorable display none the less.

In addition to the coins there was a small exhibit of ring seals. Like most collectors of ancient coins, I also have acquired a number of artifacts, including a glass ring seal and a carved ring stone. The ones on display in Bathhad beenrecovered from sumps in the drainage system and are believed to have been lost by their owners while at the baths, the stones having been washed through the pools and down the drains, only to settle in the sump tanks.

Onething that strikes the viewer of the baths is that the roof ornamentation of the building is on a level with the present street, and the baths are one and two levels below. It gives one an idea of the amount oftrash that has accumulated in the Roman and medieval streets to have raised the level by close to 20 feet.

On the trip I bought only one coin - a 5 Pound Silver Proofcoin from the Town of London Series of 2019. I bought the oneThe Legend ofthe Ravens, the first in the series. For me it commemorates my visit to the Tower and sitting down only to have one of the Ravens land on the fence railing right behind my bench and about two feet from my face. There we sat for several minutes, eye-to-eye, and then he flew off. That was real contact with one of the legendary inhabitants of the Tower.



Level 6

Cool blog! Sounds like a place where I would love to visit! ; )


Level 6

Great blog. I love your raven story...Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

That sounds like a wonderful place to visit. Someday would like to visit the UK. I have an armoured vehicle museum in Bovington, high on my bucket list.


Level 7

Your a lucky man. I would love to go there. Those coins are absolutely beautiful. It's on my bucket list. I'm glad you had a great trip. Thanks for sharing it with us. I wish you had some pictures.

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