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22 Sep 2019

Trip to London & the New Bank Notes

| Ancient Collector

Just got back from 12 days in London. Had a great time and say a few of the multitude of sights to visit. My wife needed a wheelchair at many of the venues, but that gave us access to back areas the general public never sees, such as at Buckingham Palace.

The new currency, however, is really different. Remember we call our old bills "Shin Plasters." Well, I would call the new plastic 5 and 10 Pound notes "Eel Skins." They are basically slick feeling, almost slimy, and tend to stick together when new. Instead of watermarks, they have clear areas where "watermark-like" images appear. The old 20's are still in circulation, but are due for replacement in the near future. Maybe I am just old fashioned, as well as old, but give me the old linen-based bills any day. It seemed to me that I was using some type of Monopoly money. it just lacks the heft and feel of Real Money. I am sure They think it is more durable and more ecological, but some of the circulated notes just looked wrinkled, tiredand ready for replacement.

I will have more to say on some of the coins I saw in the Museums later.



Level 6

I'm glad your wife was accommodated. Worked out nice for you two. Slimy money just sounds nasty. Welcome home..


Level 4

That sounds pretty fun!


Level 6

Trips are always nice. If you relate the trip to the hobby, it is even better.


Level 6

Thanks for a wonderful blog! I'm glad you and your Wife had a such a great time. The money sounds funky to me...I'll take ol' linen any day too. ; )


Level 7

Glad you were able to get away. It's great.. That note makes me feel good about our note. Slimy I can do without. I'm happy your wife was able to get you to some good areas. I just got out of a chair broke my hip. You won't believe what I found in the hospital rehab I won't tell you it's a surprise I wrote about it. Glad your back. pat

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wow, sounds like you and your Wife had an excellent adventure, Please let us know about the museum coins soonest.

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