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11 Sep 2014

I need some help!

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I'm pretty new to the ANA, and am still getting used to the new website and all the opportunities that it offers. One thing that I'm struggling with is navigating the library and looking for particular books. I'm trying to do some research right now, and am in need of a really good book talking about proofs. I'm talking proofs of all types, easy ways to identify them, what to look for, etc.

If anyone sees this and can help, just respond! Also, if anyone wants to follow me, I could definitely use some more connections in my new ANA community.





Level 5

It looks like you are set to go. Good luck.


Level 7

All the information you need is what numinerd9 recommend. Now that he gave you the answer use it. You won't believe how it will help!

Kid Morgans

Level 4

Contact numinerd 9. He'll hook you up from what I've seen looking at his blog! He knows everything!


Level 5

Numinerd is the man with the answers!


Level 5

I agree with Numinerd


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Numinerd9 you mean, cmccs*coins.

You may call the Library and give you some more options. tel:800-367-9723


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I believe there is a Red Book about Modern Proof Sets by David Lange. I think it goes back to 1936, so unless you've got some older proofs, this might be the best reference for you to seek out first. When you say "easy ways to identify them" are you talking about die varieties? In that case, it may be a good idea to check out a Cherrypickers' Guide; lists many of the most desirable die varieties for circs and proofs. Both of these should be available from the ANA library. Just follow the links from the home page to the library catalog (start under the "Discover" heading.)


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