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13 Mar 2016

Flea Market Jems

| user_3450

Today, Sunday March 13 2016, my friend (Lincoln Lover) and I took a stroll to the flea market and came across some jolly good coins. Incredible!! One was a 1804 dollar error (reverse has doubled die).



Level 6

That must be a wild flea market!


Level 4

Some kind of royal flea market.


Level 6

Please. Why do you waste my time???


Level 5

You're too early - April Fool's Day isn't for another two and a half weeks! And a lot of the people on this site already know that all 15 specimens of the 1804 dollars are accounted for and well-documented - but nice try though. Got anything serious to post so that we may all learn from you and your friend?


Level 7

Can't tell anything with a picture. Sorry. Mike


Level 5


Lincoln Lover

Level 3

It is probably fake!

Lincoln Lover

Level 3

Cool! how much was it


Level 5

Fake! Do not buy such valuable items at such a price! $30,000 is too good to be true. I would not buy such a coin unless it was certified as genuine by NGC or PCGS.


Level 2

It was $30,000 in excellent condition

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