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18 Jul 2016

Bobs Thoughts

Coins | user_3513

Blogs are new to me....coins .....not so much. I would love to help (myself) and others, who are new to the "online" world of coins reach out to all the coin art lovers out there. Any mentors out there?    B



Level 5

Besides the feedback already provided was there something more specific you were hoping for?


Level 6

Everyone above is right! Just listen, ask questions and learn as much as you can from other ANA members. We never stop learning new things that's for sure!


Level 7

I agree with the others! Anyone out there will be glad to give you a hand. Just ask away. Read some blogs what you like in the information if you like it follow them. Mike


Level 6

I agree. I believe just about anyone would be happy to help and guide you. Just list your questions here and hold on. Good luck!


Level 5

I agree with World_Coin_Nut


Level 5

I think we are all mentors here to at least some degree.

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