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24 Mar 2023

1874 US 3 Cents Coin

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AC's Sec.#47
U.S. 3 Cents Graded VF-20 by ANACS

Mostly known as the "3 cents nickel" around old and new collectors, this quite preserved coin is fundamentally, a national step towards stability after the harsh Civil War time.

Designed and engraved in Philadelphia by James Barton Longacre, this piece was previously cleaned before being certified, yet it preserves its quite untouched depictions on the obverse and its numeric simplicity on its reverse. Launching and circulation of this coin denomination served a public demand purpose in main urban centers of the Nation at the time of its usage. Yet, it never reached longevity within the United States currency.

In my own words.

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Level 4

I have one of these coins in around the same condition but mine was not cleaned earlier.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Thanks so much for your visit and words. Indeed, it could become frustrating to undergo an appraisal of a cleaned coin, but this item came to my attention, and it is still attractive.

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