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22 Feb 2022

1945 Ceylon 5 cents coin

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SLR is the commonly used currency abbreviation for the Sri Lankan rupee, although the international currency code for the SLR is LKR. It is the official currency of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, which was known as Ceylon prior to 1972.

Its currency name, adopted from the Indian rupee, however not tied to India for that purpose. The Ceylon or Sri-Lankan currency evolved from the historic past pertaining to a rich development for the geographical position of the island as a midpoint of the ancient trade or silk road.

Beautifully designed, the coin presents the image of King George VI (1936-1952), since the island was part of the British Empire up to 1972. It also included the glorious kingship lion relief as part of the ancient history and traditions of what is today known as gorgeous Republic of Sri-Lanka.

Coins from different nations which were involved in armed conflict with others or which in one way or the other suffered an invasion or were under specific armed control, should be deemed important and historically pre-eminent over standard coinage, they represent the harsch times, and resilience of the peoples who faced war events. Coins from war incidents should be evaluated at higher standards rather than their intrinsic value or appearance, just to honor historical undeniable facts and in respect of all parts involved from the various armed conflicts. I leave this in the hands of true collectors and mainly those with sensibility.

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simple design easy to mint.

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Maybe you could back up a bit and the photo would be less blurry...

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