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26 Feb 2022

1954 5¢ Series 521 US Military Payment Certificate

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Pay and sacrifice of our servicemembers, and citizens, and others....

This item and many of its kind was never intended to circulate among public.

The look of my collected item, an used circulated 5¢ note, issued in 1954. Its darkened texture and path of time makes one reflect about the sacrifices of many, the cost of life, the long lines at welfare. Perhaps such vision of the past have nothing to do with this US Military Payment Certificate note, perhaps a lot.

MPC's or Military Payment Certificates were issued under monetary control of the US Armes Forces.Military Payment Certificates were issued from 1946 until 1973.

They were printed in fifteen series and used in 22 different countries during the above mentioned 27 year period. The denominations issued went from five cents all the way up to twenty dollars. Military payment certificates were printed to be used by members of the United States military who were serving overseas and authorized civilian personnel under contract.
I lost relatives who served in US military conflicts. The item shown touched my feelings as it made me remember my own and even my mom who kept fighting the ordeals of life as rough as it was thru this years.
I feel honored to show this note in a way because my brother is a Veteran and even though he did not serve within the period specified for the MPCs, he recalled the usage of vouchers to buy certain goods at the Exchange facilities in the various military installations. I am interested and glad about this kind of valuable notes and proud of our servicemembers, then and now.

In my own words.

For further details about this item and others please visit my collections section.

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