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29 Apr 2022

1955 Colombia 2 Pesos Oro Banknote

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The Colombian Peso has been known since the nineteenth century. It was attached to contemporary gold standards from France and other strong economies in the World. It received the peso "oro" designation until 1931. However such name was pegged until an internal Colombian lawsuit made the government remove the "oro" word in 1993.

The Worldwide Banking designation for the Colombian Peso is COP with an equivalency of 100 centavos to 1 peso unit.

The glorious passage of time has gone thru and about my note exposed here after surviving weather, frontiers, hand to hand, cruise ships, airplanes, trains, banks, and who knows what other destinations until it reached my collection, and even so it gives my bill a great aspect for its value, such is the worth of passion in numismatics. So tonight is dark, then tomorrow will shine like never. Perhaps Colombia will be proud thru this bill exposition once again.

In my own words.

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