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30 Sep 2022

1957 Spain 5 Pesetas Coins

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This two samples of Spanish 5 Pesetas bring a sense of a time rather uneasy for some spaniards still alive.

Yet, history called for a Spain that faced civil war and a dictator who ruled from 1939 until his death in 1975, this man was called Francisco Franco. Franco is depicted on the coins obverse and the modernized Spanish Coat of Arms on the reverse. All issues dealing with royalty and the Borbón Monarchic dynasty were supressed for the time the "generalísimo" Franco was in control of the government. King Juan Carlos and his family auto-exiled themselves to Greece and then England and the Netherlands until the dictator'sdeath in November 1975.

This coin is a common issued denomination for the Spanish Peseta, the National currency of this country since 1868, until its entrance into the European Union in 2001. Thanks for reading my blog and for your visit.

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Level 6

I may be missing the information, but I'd like to know what metals some of your coins are made of. Maybe you could tell us in your blogs. Thanks! ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Thanks for your request/suggestion about further information on coins, Kepi. It is usually part of the requirements of data in the collection section.


Level 6

Good to see you back up here. Maybe things are clearing up on the island. Thanks.

AC coin$

Level 6

Thanks Longstrider, still without cell phone service. Using my brother's. President Biden will visit our area on Monday.


Level 4

Thanks, your blogs are always educational. 2 very nice examples!!

AC coin$

Level 6

Language to communicate both, the coin and the stories bejind them. Is my effort, friend. Thanks, glad to have your presence here.

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