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27 Apr 2022

1960 Chile 50 Pesos Banknote

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The name of the currency of the Republic of Chile is the Chilean Peso. Its banking code worldwide is CLP. Common rate of equivalency towards the US dollar is S830CLP to $1US according to stock markets in Europe and the US, however, this is a constantly fluctuating rate.

Earlier version of the "Pesos" started circulating since 1817 until 1960. 

Most of the Chilean printed currency depict National founders, military heroes and reknown politicians, as well as relevant republic emblems. My note is quite preserved so all of its features can be appreciated. 

In my own words.

For further details about this item and others please visit my collections section.

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@Jackson14, show us that US bill...1862 confederate!!!


Level 6

Nice currency. ; )

Thanks .


Level 4

nice bill!

Get inspired by tidal that confe de ration banknote . Thanks .

@ Jackson14 show us that US bill ...1862 confedate is good !!! Thanks .


Level 4

cool. My oldest banknote is a 1929 Phillipines 1 peso.

CC show that peso!!!! 1929 great year bring it up un your blog!!!! Thanks .


Level 4

my oldest one is from 1862. Its made by the confederate states of america

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