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25 Nov 2022

1960-D Lincoln Memorial Cent

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AC's Secrets #25

We will never be at odds with the 1960 Denver struck. LINCOLN Memorial Cent. Why? Because whether large or small minted date the fascination for this specific coin is unstoppable.

There is a myriad of errors or pergaps I should say, opportunities in this coin shown here and many of its minted similars for this year. Whether is a larger tip #9 on the date or an oddly miscut in the #6 for the date area or even some features that might have been escaping even the most keen eyes in the market or collector's exchanges.

The great sample shown here is a MS65 RD graded coin. Part of my American coinage acquisitions. Shiny in copper-zinc quite a large quantity were minted by Denver in 1960. Collectors and curious alike keep trending and hunting this cent for specific oddities yet to be found. At auctions, some great items of this coin have been sold for quite a large sum. Enjoy and, keep searching.

In my own words.

For further details about this item and others please visit my collections section.

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Looks great!


Level 5

Nothing like red copper coins in Mint State. GREAT!


Level 7

I have the 1960 S small date. Red. I just wish they were worth more. That have so much information I was looking for a big payday When I looked them up and saw the price. I gave it to the kid down the hall.. There a nice coin. The 1970 Large date and small date are the same but nice to own..

AC coin$

Level 6

You did well, giving up that coin you mentioned. Large and small dates have been a rather attractive feature for some collectors. Thanks.


Level 6

Nice Cent! It's amazing that your up to #25 secrets! ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Yes, great. And I just began.

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