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13 Mar 2023

1975, Guatemala 50 Centavos Banknote

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Guatemala launched note:
January 3, 1975.

A note that basically was used for just eleven years by the Republic of Guatemala's citizens. It was worth half Quetzal, the National currency's name.

Rather attractive depictions for this banknote included the bold historically reknown hero Tecun Uman's face on its obverse and the Tikal Great Jaguar Temple landmark image on its reverse. The overall decorative motifs are attached to the Mayan traditional pictographs.

Perhaps one of the oldest Central American based ethnic groups, the Mayan culture has instilled its presence throughout the modern Guatemalan society. The Tikal Archeological edifications are located in the Northern basin of this beautiful country.

The Quetzal, as a Nationally named currency favors the exquisite green feathered bird known to the Central American extensions of forests. Its intense colored feathers were considered sacred and used by the Mayans to crown their rulers.

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