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23 Jan 2022

2009 $20* Star Note

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Replacement notes are launched within specific runs by the printing houses. The quantity of such runs determines the rarity of the starred note. If it is abundant in circulation is not that rare.Special or star runs could happen within any USD denomination. However, $20*, $50* and even $100* are not quite common, making them attractive to collectors.

I present one my many $20 starred bills for your enjoyment. This one shown here could be running marketwise within $5,000.00-25,000.00 if placed for sale.

Star notes have a collector's market so once these 2009 bills are out of circulation then they could sell for a premium in uncirculated condition. So if you have a star note in uncirculated condition then it would be wise to hold onto it.

Between the years 2009-2013 star notes were launched at specific runs or quantities. Serials for series 2013, starting with the letters B,F, K and L are highly desirable as star notes and much more if serial numbers are, for example, like this:

L 23355332*, K67767667*... Just a hint***

AC Coin$.



Level 6

Nice note! ; )


Level 4

Nice star notes can be found in change.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Star notes are pretty interesting to collect


Level 4

Andrew Jackson was a critical figure in the drowth and development of the American nation and its institutional democracy. We would not be the free country we are today without his presence, especially his stare down with John Calhoun which echoed the political and democratric factions that would lead to the Civil War. https://ehistory.osu.edu/articles/jackson-vs-calhoun-part-1 If not for Andrew Jackson, this courty might still be a divided country that embassed slaery. Jacksonian Democracy https://www.britannica.com/biography/Andrew-Jackson/Jacksonian-Democracy

AC coin$

Level 5

The purpose of my blog is the starred $20 bill. However I am familiar with the historical aspects of Andrew Jackson's presidency and his two Vice-Presidents: Calhoun on his first term and Martin Van Buren on his second term. America evolved and expanded throughout those years. AC Coin$ knows his history well.


Level 5

Wow! Another great Star note. Did you know they are going to change the 20 dollar note design from Andrew Jackson to Harriet Tubman? Thanks for sharing!

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